New Data Shows Fewer Canadian Scientists Doing Basic Research

By: Sam Garnett

June 29, 2017

The Global Young Academy’s research survey results indicate a severe drop in the number of Canadian scientists who study basic research, echoing the concerns laid out in the Naylor report.

From Nature News:

“’Every academic can unequivocally tell you that the landscape of funding for basic research in Canada has been changed and damaged beyond recognition over the past decade,’ said an anonymous survey participant, according to the report.

The results hammer home the same message as the Fundamental Science Review, a report commissioned by the federal government that was released in April: Canada is investing too little in basic science, and is falling behind internationally.”

Science & Policy Exchange strongly support the implementation of the Fundamental Science Review’s recommendations. If you want to help get the report recognized by our government, follow the guidelines at Summer of Science or Evidence for Democracy to help you get in touch with your MP.