World Economic Forum 2018 – Code of Ethics in Science

By: Margot Karlikow

January 30, 2018

At the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s annual meeting, young scientists under 40, across the natural sciences, have put together a Code of Ethics in Science. Highlighting the importance that trust in science is maintained, the Davos 2018 WEF hosted a session on the possible formalisation of this Code of Ethics for Science.

The seven main principles they came up with are: Engaging with the public - Pursuing the truth - Minimizing harm - Engaging with decision makers - Supporting diversity - Being a mentor (leading by example) - Being accountable.

During the session, panellists and audience discussed how the code could be implemented and what leverage institutions like universities and funding agencies could use to enact those principles. “The best hope for this to have an impact is to take it out there” said Nature’s Editor-in-Chief Philip Campbell.

Watch the video of the panel discussion here.

And see the Code of Ethics explained at the WEF website here.