UK Appoints New Chief Scientific Adviser

By: Sam Garnett

November 08, 2017

The UK has appointed Patrick Vallance it’s Chief Scientific Adviser. Vallance is now the president of research and development at GlaxoKlineSmith, and previously led the University College of London’s medical division. Vallance will soon head the government’s Office for Science and advise senior decision-makers as well as making sure relevant scientific information is made available to all departments of government. This all comes during interesting political times for the UK following the Brexit vote last year.

From Nature News:

“A major part of his role will be to ensure that high-quality advice is available across government departments as they deal with the legal and regulatory consequences of the UK's decision to leave the European Union, says Graeme Reid, a science-policy researcher at University College London. The UK needs to manage the impact of Brexit on the regulation of the nuclear industry and the UK's role in fusion research, as well as environment policy and other things. “Patrick Vallance's experience in both business and universities will be of huge value,” says Reid.”

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