Student Voice Comes to Federal Finance Committee

By: Sam Garnett

September 22, 2017

The House of Commons Canada Standing Committee on Finance (FINA) met Wednesday and invited a number of organizations to speak about their Pre-Budget consultations and give advice and perspective on what priorities the government should have in their upcoming budget.

The Canadian Alliance of Student Association’s (CASA) board chair, and Mount Royal University student Shifrah Gademsetti was one of the invitee’s and gave an excellent primer on CASA’s pre-budget submission, presenting 3 avenues through which the federal government can benefit students and their future contributions to Canada:

1) Supporting students throughout their education to ensure their success

2) Encouraging student contributions to research and innovation

3) Facilitating the school to work transition so that students can find gainful employment to support themselves and contribute to the economy

We are happy to see the student voice represented on a federal committee and hope to see more of this in the future. Thank you Shifrah and CASA for your strong voice in support of students!

You can watch Shifrah’s presentation to the committee on Youtube here.

You can read CASA’s pre-budget submission here, which focuses broadly on how to support students and their contributions.

You can also read our pre-budget submission here , which is focused on student support in research but also broadly calling for implementation of the Naylor report’s recommendations in full to support the entire scientific research community.