Scientists’ March on Washington: Date Set for April 22nd

By: Sam Garnett

February 01, 2017

The Scientists’ March on Washington has been given a concrete date of April 22nd, organizers have announced. After interest in the March skyrocketed over the past few days, the group of scientists’ and science advocates have been able to firm up a mission statement and plan, slating the March to coincide with Earth Day. It is also hoped that sister demonstrations will occur in other cities across the US and the World as well.

The plan for the March, is not without controversy, with some scientists’ expressing concern over the potential consequences of politicization of the march. Robert S. Young writes in

As is intended, the March must primarily defend scientific evidence and the use of such evidence in policy making. Scientists and science advocates must be careful not to appear to be pushing a certain political agenda, while also defending the rights of people working in what is a diverse and international community. We are hopeful that these goals will be taken into account.

Visit the March for Science webpage for more information.