Australian initiative to promote STEM: STARportal

By: Margot Karlikow

August 21, 2017

To promote STEM fields (Science, Technology, Enfineering and Mathematics) and inspire young people, STARportal , the product of a collaboration between the Australian government and Engineers Australia, was recently launched. This free, online platform aims at bringing together students, parents and teacher, providing information of local STEM events and activities “to encourage deeper engagement with skills that are so vital to give humans a competitive edge in a technology-driven world” said Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel in the media release , while Engineers Australia CEO Peter McIntyre stated “STARportal is an example of successful collaboration between government and non-government organisations to the benefit of all Australian students,”

Corroborating that “Science doesn’t start and stop at the classroom door – it’s everywhere” is the article published in the Guardian, to support the head of the British Science Association Katherine Mathieson’s vision of “an everyday approach to science”, like for music and art.