SPE Presidents Speak to Re$earch Money About Chief Science Advisor

By: Sam Garnett

October 05, 2017

Excitement is swirling around the appointment of Canada’s Chief Science Advisor, Dr. Mona Nemer. Our co-president’s Vanessa Sung & Shawn McGuirk spoke to Re$earch Money about our expectations for the role and how Dr. Nemer can act as both an advisor and an advocate for science.

From the article:

“A group of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows have also waded into the debate, calling for the CSA to be more than an advisor. They want an advocate for science.

“We hope that her experience and position as advisor will promote the importance of science and evidence in policy making in this government,” says Vanessa Sung, co-president of the Montreal-based Science & Policy Exchange.

The SPE also prefers an independent advisor who will advise all members of parliament and the community at large, regardless of political affiliation. “There should be a minimum of any political interference, or none at all, or any real party politics with the advice that’s given by the CSA,” says Shawn McGuirk, SPE co-president.”

Re$earch Money also spoke with Paul Dufour, Quebec’s Chief Scientist Remi Quirion, and Universities Canada. Check out what they had to say by reading the full article here.