Chief Scientist Mona Nemer’s first 100 days in office

By: Sam Garnett

March 01, 2018

Chief Scientist Mona Nemer has written an open letter to her bosses, Science Minister Kirsty Duncan and PM Trudeau, to detail her progress in the first 100 days in office. Dr. Nemer is the first Chief Scientist appointed in the federal government in 10 years after the position was eliminated under Stephen Harper. Her first 100 days were mostly spent coordinating staffing for her office and reaching out to stakeholders in the science community to build relationships.

Re$earch Money reported on Dr. Nemer’s first 100 days and what her upcoming plans are. They spoke to SPE co-president Shawn McGuirk about our take on the beginnings of her office, where he spoke of her engagement with students and young people so far, “As students, we also applaud Nemer’s commitment to the development of young talent in Canadian science, and we hope to see their emerging expertise incorporated into science advice,”

You can read their full report here.