Naylor Report Calls For Injection of $1.3 Billion Into Federal Science Funding

By: Sam Garnett

April 10, 2017

A panel of experts led by David Naylor that sought to review the state of Canadian science has released their report, calling for a drastic increase in funding and the creation of new research oversight committees to ensure different agencies can work together.

From CTV News:

“The study focused on 10 different questions related to the funding of scientific research, supporting the next generation of emerging researchers, and whether or not there's a healthy balance between who is getting funded and ensuring a full range of research is being carried out.

Under the previous government in particular, there was a shift away from independent science and scholarly inquiry and towards what the panel called innovation-facing and priority-driven programs. …

"Panel members fully appreciate the importance of innovation to Canada's prosperity and are sympathetic to elite programming that seeks to reward and amplify excellence," the report says.

"However, the stronger research ecosystems place a high priority on the basic and natural life sciences and on free-ranging inquiry in the humanities and social sciences."”

SPE supports the conclusions of the report and is strongly in favour of the initiative to better understanding the scientific environment in Canada.

The full report is available to read here