“You can’t tell somebody what to discover”: John Polanyi

By: Margot Karlikow

November 27, 2017

In an interview with U of T News, Professor John Polanyi, a Nobel Prize-winning chemist spoke in support of the Naylor report.

The Naylor report emphasized the imbalance created by the Canadian government between basic and more applied research, with a priority given to the latter. And for Professor Polanyi “It’s a bit of an illusion to think that we really know where the most important applications lie”. “The Government’s funding I’ve had throughout my career […] has been absolutely vital. […] I was given freedom.” he said.

“We have an extraordinary opportunity […] with the Naylor report […] and it has a very clear recommendation, which is that we have to put more resources into basic science.”

Read the full interview here.