New Report shows Canadian students need more international experience

By: Sam Garnett

November 09, 2017

The Centre for Internation Policy Studies and the Munk School of Global Affairs has released it’s report on Global Education. The report asserts that Canadian students are not being prepared to meet the challenges of a changing world and increased globalization, and calls for investment into study abroad opportunities to ensure students gain international experience and networks.

From the executive summary:
“Young Canadians need knowledge, skills and experience to succeed in a more complex and competitive world. Technological innovation is changing the nature of work and the skills required for the 21st century economy. Relationships with emerging countries are becoming increasingly important to Canada’s prosperity. The current generation of young Canadians will need to be comfortable working with people from different backgrounds. They will need self-awareness and self-confidence, a willingness to take smart risks, and knowledge of the world and other societies.

These are not luxuries in the 21st century; they are vital skills.

Global education fosters these skills. Enabling more Canadians to gain international experience as part of their university or college education would be an investment in their – and Canada’s – future. It would equip young Canadians, including those from less-advantaged backgrounds, to succeed in the new economy. It would expand Canada’s links to important trade partners and investment centres, including emerging economies, and strengthen our educational institutions’ connections to global research networks, which are vital to innovation in Canada. It would also reinforce the values of openness and inclusion that are essential to Canada’s success as a diverse society, particularly at a time of rising intolerance.”

Universities Canada has endorsed the report demonstrating that their member institutions are on board with this initiative. President Paul Davidson stated: “Canadian universities strongly endorse the report’s recommendations, […] At a time of closing borders and closing minds, the world is increasingly looking to Canada as a partner in research, innovation, and diplomacy. We need our next generation of leaders and innovators to have core international competencies in order to seize this global moment.”

Read the full Report of the Study Group on Global Education here.