First genetically engineered salmon sold in Canada

By: Sam Garnett

August 08, 2017

More than 25 years after its initial development, a genetically engineered salmon will reach markets in Canada. As with many genetically-modified products, despite the rigorous and lengthy approval process some groups are concerned about possible environmental effects. However, the fish will be available to eat in Canada soon.

From Nature News:

AquaBounty raised the fish in tanks in a small facility in Panama. It plans to ramp up production by expanding a site on Canada’s Prince Edward Island, where local authorities gave the green light for construction in June. In the same month, the company also acquired a fish farm in Albany, Indiana; it awaits the nod from US regulators to begin production there.

The announcement that AquaBounty’s fish are landing on Canadian tables is sure to dredge up opposition, says Stotish. He argues that the genetically engineered fish are good for the economy — attractive because they can be grown near metropolitan areas rather than being flown in from overseas, bringing salmon-farming jobs back to the United States and Canada. And because the AquaBounty salmon are grown in tanks, he adds, they don’t encounter many of the pathogens and parasites that often afflict salmon raised in sea cages.

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