Minister Duncan at TED2018: Scientific Freedom is “Absolutely Critical”

By: Sam Garnett

April 12, 2018

Science Minister Kirsty Duncan spoke at TED’s 2018 conference in Vancouver, highlighting the Liberal government’s record so far on science, saying they have unmuzzled government scientists as well as increasing funding for academic investigator-led research.

From CBC:

"It is critical — absolutely critical — that our scientists are free to undertake their work, free to collaborate with other scientists, free to speak to the media and free to speak to the public," Duncan said.

"Because, after all, science is humanity's best effort at uncovering the truth about our world, about our very existence."

We at SPE agree with Minister Duncan and it is great to see our government officials representing the importance of scientific research in societal progress. However, recently some government scientists said they were still being muzzled, and overall Canada’s R&D excellence is at risk according to this newly released CCA report. We hope to see this government continue its efforts to create free and robust science in Canada. Along with the recent Budget increases, Chief Science Advisor Mona Nemer has held public consultations on open science so we are optimistic about the direction that we are headed.