CSPC launches new Science Meets Parliament project

By: Sam Garnett

June 08, 2018

The Canadian Science Policy Centre is launching its first “Science Meets Parliament” project; aiming to bring scientists together with MPs in Ottawa in order to forge connections and strengthen evidence based decision making. CSPC will be choosing 10-15 scientists at the post-doctoral or professor level at a Canadian post-secondary institution to participate.

From CSPC:

“Science Meets Parliament is a pilot project that aims to bring ten to fifteen scientists to the Hill for professional development and one-on-one meetings with MPs. We endeavour to make this milestone project an annual event that brings scientists working in Canada to the House of Commons to meet with Parliamentarians, attend House committee meetings, discuss scientific research, and gain familiarity with the political process of policy-making.”

If you are a post-doctoral researcher or professor in any scientific discipline, including social/human sciences, and are interested in being part of this exciting program, please apply by August 10th 2018 at the link below.

CSPC Science Meets Parliament Application