Early-Career Researchers Locked Out of CIHR Foundation Grant Program

By: Sam Garnett

July 18, 2017

Early career researchers will be locked out of the Canadian Institute of Health Research’s (CIHR) Foundation grant program, CIHR Acting President Roderick McInnes announced yesterday . The total funding in the Foundation program will be reduced and restricted to established researchers, with some money being reallocated to the Project Grant Program, which CIHR argues can increase funding rates to Early Career Researchers.

Lively debate about the merits of the changes have already erupted on twitter, with some saying that without dedicating funding to early or mid-career researchers and increasing total funding, the change will only serve to benefit already well-established labs. The Naylor report called for better distribution of awards to benefit early and mid-career researchers but also noted that an overall increase in funding is absolutely required in order to properly deal with the current issues in the scientific system.

Early-career funding availability is crucial to securing the future for Canada’s trainee scientists. You can read and sign our open letter detailing the student perspective on the Naylor report here.