Canadian Alliance of Student Associations Reports on Political Power of Young Canadians

By: Sam Garnett

August 02, 2017

Last year the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations released a report detailing the electoral power of young Canadians, and how that power may shape Canada’s political future. The report found that voter turnout for young Canadians (age 18-25) increased by 12% in the 2015 federal election and that this age group overwhelmingly favored one political party (the Liberals). The report gets at what motivates young Canadians politically, noting factors such as instability caused by high student debt loads and fear of potential difficulties finding employment.

Many of the same concerns amongst young people and students were reflected in Science & Policy Exchanges White Paper published last year. We also hope to harness some of this political power in our campaign to support the implementation of the Naylor report , to help secure the future for Canadian STEM and Social Science students and researchers.

Read the full report here.