Budget 2018 themes are women, workers, and “wonder”

By: Sam Garnett

January 04, 2018

Minister of Finance Bill Morneau says his budget themes are women, workers, and “wonder”. Broadly this aims to focus on improving economic prospects for women, preparing workers for the jobs of the future, and figuring out how to harness the power of science (“wonder”) to ensure long term success. This announcement is hopeful news to those of us advocating for science to help inform policy making this past year, and those involved in the efforts to push for implementation of the Naylor report, which calls for monetary support for basic research in the budget as well as efforts to ensure diversity and gender equity in science.

You can read SPE’s Pre-Budget Consultation for 2018 to see specifics of what we’d like to see in the upcoming budget. You can also still participate in the #YourBudget2018 survey before the budget is solidified in the coming months.

Read more about Morneau’s themes in the Financial Post here.