Welcome to our 2018-2019 SPE team!

By: The Science & Policy Exchange Team

August 28, 2018

Hey Everyone,

We are excited to announce the new executive team for the 2018- 2019 year:
Presidents: Tina Gruosso and Mary-Rose Bradley-Gill
Internal Directors: Shawn McGuirk, Vanessa Sung and Neha Bhutani
External Directors: Paul Dufour, Rachael Maxwell and Alex Gavrila
VP Administration: Marie Franquin
VP Member Relations: Palina Piankova
VP External Relations: Sam Garnett
Treasurer: Arthi Ramachandran
VP News: Saishree Badrinarayanan
VP Marketing: Samantha Bovaird
Webmaster: Camille Gervais

Congratulations to the new executive team and many thanks to this year’s committee for their hard work and success! We would also like to recognize the amazing work and commitment put in by our volunteers, without whom our events would have not been possible

If you are interested in joining the SPE team, it’s not too late! We have a vacancy open for the post of VP Communications. You can find the job description here if you are interested in applying. If you are still interested in joining the team as a volunteer, you can find more information on how to contact us