August 06, 2018

Science & Policy Exchange Pre-Budget Consultation 2019

This brief outlines the importance of funding research and enhancing capacity building programs to support trainees for all career paths. While we are pleased that the recommendations from the Fundamental Science Review was taken into serious consideration in the previous budget, there are key areas where trainees lack critical support for their career development. The future of trainees is heavily tied to funding allocated to research and skill development. This funding will support the next-generation of leaders in Canada.

By: The Science & Policy Exchange Team

July 31, 2018

Government announces scientific integrity policy

A new policy will protect scientists from political interference and allow them to speak freely about their research.

By: Sam Garnett

July 23, 2018

SPE Elections for 2018-2019 team

We are starting our elections process for the coming year and are looking for motivated and driven individuals to join our executive and to put into action our plan for 2018-2019! Want to find out more? Join us at our SPE pub night at McKibbins Irish Pub, 6pm Thursday July 26, 2018.


To run for elections, please email us at and let us know what position you would like to be considered for. Please include a short blurb (300 words or less) describing why you are running for this position. The deadline to submit a nomination is August 10, 2018. Your name will be placed on a ballot and an election will take place in late August 2018 (date TBD).


If you are interested in volunteering for a specific project with us, please let us know as well! You do not need to apply for a position to volunteer or lead an event. Let us know why the event interest you, and we will get in touch with more details.

By: Shawn McGuirk

July 15, 2018

Canadian science takes steps towards improving gender equality

CIHR has launched a new equity survey for applicants and Minister Duncan is holding consultations on an AthenaSWAN initiative. Read about the recent steps to improve gender equality in science in Canada.

By: Sam Garnett