New survey results suggest many Canadians are ambivalent towards science

March 15, 2018

By: Sam Garnett

New survey results show many Canadians are ambivalent towards science. Our CSPC panel from 2017 sought to find out how scientists can harness new media to better communication of science's important role in society.

March 08, 2018

Report: Breaking Gender Barriers in STEM - Whose responsibility is it?

This report was generated from discussions among mostly female undergraduate and graduate STEMM students at an SPE Café on Dec 11, 2017, inspired by the Gender Summit that took place in Montreal on Nov 6-8, 2017. It reflects barriers that participants have experienced or observed during their studies, as well as obstacles they anticipate facing as they pursue their careers. We acknowledge that many institutions have taken steps to address some of the gender barriers identified in this report, and are encouraged by the progress. We are also pleased that gender equity was a key theme in the 2018 Federal Budget and look forward to seeing the Government of Canada advance this as a priority.

Contributing authors: Mary-Rose Bradley-Gill, Sara Ferwati, Lauren Fromont, Nicole George, Vanessa Sung, and Mehrgol Tiv

By: The Science & Policy Exchange Team

March 01, 2018

Chief Scientist Mona Nemer’s first 100 days in office

Re$earch Money details Dr. Nemer's first 100 days as CSA, and speaks to our co-president about the role of students in the new era of science advice.

By: Sam Garnett

February 28, 2018

Budget 2018 sets Canadian science funding in the right direction with a focus on gender equity and diversity

Read our press release regarding Budget 2018, which includes a historic influx of funding for fundamental science.

By: The Science & Policy Exchange Team

February 21, 2018

New report says some Canadian government scientists still being muzzled

More public scientists now feel free to discuss their research publically since the 2015 "unmuzzling, however this new report from PIPSC shows there is still work to be done.

By: Sam Garnett