Canadian science takes steps towards improving gender equality

July 15, 2018

By: Sam Garnett

CIHR has launched a new equity survey for applicants and Minister Duncan is holding consultations on an AthenaSWAN initiative. Read about the recent steps to improve gender equality in science in Canada.

June 20, 2018

Government announces October legalization date for cannabis in Canada

Bill C-45 has passed and the government has announced a date from cannabis legalization. Also check out our public forums on the science policy surrounding drugs in Canada!

By: Sam Garnett

June 08, 2018

CSPC launches new Science Meets Parliament project

CSPC's new program aims to link postdoctoral and professor level scientists around Canada with parliamentarians to foster better science policy and personal connections.

By: Sam Garnett

May 25, 2018

Chief Science Adviser highlights Canada’s role in science diplomacy at G7

Mona Nemer's editorial in ScienceMag demonstrates Canada's role in the growing conversation around science diplomacy.

By: Sam Garnett

April 12, 2018

Minister Duncan at TED2018: Scientific Freedom is “Absolutely Critical”

Minister Duncan discussed the importance of scientific research in society, and the Liberal's record so far on science in Canada.

By: Sam Garnett