#SPEForum — Waste Streams: Can we stem the plastic tide?




August 20, 2019


BAnQ Grande Bibliothèque
475 Boul de Maisonneuve E
Montréal, QC H2L 5C4

#SPEForum: Waste Streams: Can we stem the plastic tide?

How does plastic end up in waterways and oceans? What happens to this plastic? What is the magnitude of the plastic problem in Quebec and Canada, and how do we compare to other provinces/cities? What are the challenges for reducing plastic waste for consumers? What kind of policies can municipal and federal governments implement to reduce plastic pollution?

At the last G7 Summit Canada pledged to adopt a zero plastic waste charter. What must we do as a community and a nation to fulfill our pledge?

Join the Science & Policy Exchange (SPE) and ClimatAble for a two-hour public forum: “#SPEForum - Waste Streams: Can we stem the plastic tide?” on August 20, 2019 at BAnQ, Montreal, to learn about and discuss the future of the plastic pollution crisis. This is an opportunity for the public to ask these hard questions and engage with leading experts in research and policy to help answer them. They will attack from all angles - policy, research, and consumer perspectives - to address how we can achieve our ambitious sustainability goals.

A report from this forum will be published outlining major points of discussion between panelists and the public and shared with various stakeholders.

#SPEForum Panelists:

Lyne Morrisette (moderator) : Environmental Mediator, M - Expertise Marine
Jesse Vermaire: Associate Professor, Institute of Environmental and Interdisciplinary Sciences, Carleton University
Rachel Labbe-Bellas: Marine Ecologist, Science Program Management, 5 Gyres Institute
Nancy Hamzawi: Assistant Deputy Minister, Science and Technology Branch, Environment and Climate Change Canada

#SPEForum Format:

Each Speaker speaks for 10 to 15 minutes, followed by a 15-20 minute discussion period led by the moderator.

This event is hosted by Science & Policy Exchange (SPE) and ClimatAble, two non-profit student directed organization from universities in Montréal who aim to make a difference in how science can impact society. For more information on SPE and ClimatAble visit sp-exchange.ca or Climatable

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