SPE Café: Your voice matters. What do you want them to hear?


SPE Café


April 04, 2019


La Récréation
404 rue Ontario E
Montréal, QC H2L 1N6

About #SPEcafé

Science and Policy Exchange is hosting a Science Policy Café series to spark discussion on how to advocate for evidence based science policy and engage our provincial MLAs and federal MPs. The objectives of this SPE Cafe is two-fold: 1) learn about the Canadian government structure and the responsibilities of our elected representatives to his/her constituents and 2) identify key issues in science policy and brainstorm how to effectively communicate these issues with our local/provincial/federal representatives.

SPE café is a casual space for our community to gather and discuss ideas and events related to science and policy. We will provide participants with questions and specific topics to chat about, and cultivate ideas and solutions around. Your input will be published on our website, and will be used to create reports to advocate for solutions created at each SPE café.

Tickets: $5.83 , includes a drink and snacks/appetizers

Premise is simple - we provide the coffee and some background info to start an open discussion where we can identify key issues, debate current policies, or brainstorm new ones! Any notes / ideas / comments / solutions will be assembled into a short report by our team after the event. You will get a copy and together we can reach out to stakeholders and decision-makers so your ideas can have an impact.

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