Students as Stakeholders in Science Diplomacy: Outlook for Today and Tomorrow


Panel Discussion


May 17, 2018


Hotel Omni Mont-Royal
1050 Sherbrooke St W
Montreal, QC H3A 2R6

As an entirely student run organization, the central aim of Science & Policy Exchange is to bring a student voice to science policy matters at the provincial, federal, and international levels. To shed light on the role of students in science diplomacy, we have organized a two-day event in collaboration with the Fonds de Recherche du Québec (FRQ) and the Center for Science Diplomacy at the American Association for the Advancement of Science(AAAS).

Diplomacy and international collaborations are key components of public policy, and grand challenges such as global health, climate change, and the changing geography of the arctic, outline a need for science and evidence in diplomatic discussions. This series of panel discussions directed at government and diplomacy institutions seeks to explore how to bolster students and early career researcher’s participation in science diplomacy. A series of experts will participate in panel discussions to explain how students and young scientists fit into the framework of science diplomacy, including its various sectors, participating agencies, challenges, and its future and potential for action. This event will provide a unique opportunity bringing together early career researchers with experts from a wide variety of disciplines and institutions. Specifically, we hope to discuss:

  • The role of student diaspora and internationalization of research in science diplomacy
  • How to train scientists to communicate with policy makers and promote/value their policy/diplomacy engagement

Confirmed Speakers

Dr. Paul Berkman (Professor of Practice in Science Diplomacy, Tufts)
Dr. Masha Cemma (Policy Advisor at the Office of Canada’s Chief Science Advisor)
Dr. Martha Crago (Vice Principal Research & Innovation, McGill University)
Dr. Rees Kassen (Research Chair in Experimental Evolution, University of Ottawa)
Dr. Jan Marco Muller (Science to Policy and Diplomacy Coordinator, IIASA)
Dr. Rémi Quirion (Chief Scientist of Quebec)
Dr. Tom Wang (Director, Centre for Science Diplomacy, AAAS)

Advance registration by invitation only

To request an invitation, please send an email to

Students can apply to the full “Students & Science Diplomacy” event

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Remi Quirion:

(Introductory Speaker) Chief Scientist of Quebec

Paul Berkman:

Professor of Practice in Science Diplomacy, Tufts

Masha Cemma:

Policy Advisor at the Office of Canada’s Chief Science Advisor

Martha Crago:

Vice Principal Research & Innovation, McGill University

Rees Kassen:

Research Chair in Experimental Evolution, University of Ottawa

Jan Marco Muller:

Science to Policy and Diplomacy Coordinator, IIASA

Tom Wang:

Director, Centre for Science Diplomacy, AAAS


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