Science Communications


Networking Event


April 29, 2014


Thomson House(Basement)
3650 McTavish Street, Montreal, QC H3A 1Y2

Lost in Translation: A Need for Better Scientific Communication

Interested in a career in scientific communications?
While budget cuts are making it harder for academia to absorb the ever-growing number of students enrolled in their programs, many graduate students are left unsure as to what to do with their degree. Science communication represents the diffusion of knowledge on science-related topics among professionals and to the public. Better science communication is a real and actual challenge, which is necessary to inform the decision-making of policy makers who are responsible for guiding the future of research. It is especially critical to address scientific misinformation, which often stems from over-vulgarization of otherwise straightforward science. This need for reliable scientific information opens a window for graduate students and post-graduate fellows to utilize their skills and their knowledge to better fulfill the public’s scientific curiosity.

Science & Policy Exchange is inviting you to come meet our distinguished speakers and discuss the opportunities and challenges of an industry in complete transformation.

Guest speakers include:
Joanne Kennedy, Director Communications at Sanofi Canada
Dr. Rosie Goldstein, Vice-Principal Research and International Relations at McGill University
François-Nicolas Pelletier, Research and Adaptation Agent/ Programming at Montreal Science Centre


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