Challenges and Opportunities: How Science Policy Contributes to Shaping Our Society

What fields of study are relevant to Science & Policy? What are some of the key science policy challenges presently impacting Canada (and Quebec’s) economies and how can they be addressed?

Science policy contributes significantly to shaping our world: Policies regulating the fields of science and technology impact the way in which societies move forward, whether support is offered to new entrepreneurial ventures, and pave the way for innovative discoveries to get off the ground. There is an ever-greater need for a broad and informed discussion on key science policy issues and the way in which they contribute to shaping our society. Fostering dialogue between policy-makers, scientists, entrepreneurs, as well as the general public has the potential of shedding new light on common challenges and opportunities facing these stakeholders, and may even point towards novel solutions and courses of action. Join our panel of experts as they will be discussing some of the key issues facing the field of science policy today and how things can be improved in order to better serve the interests of society at large, as well as ways in which individuals from various fields can get involved in this exciting field.


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